Resist & Ride : leave the beaten track.

Dare ultracycling in Belgium.

Life is too short to ride on beaten track. Go explore. Discover the unkown.

Too often, we are bored by the same roads, the same routes, the same habits.

Dare to think out of the box. Try the Panache.

The Ardennes Monster

1050 km


Hardennes Gravel Tour



Conquête des Ardennes

460 km


Conquête des Ardennes Offroad

400 km


Royale Mosane

340 km


Our values

Through our different Resist & Ride challenges, we want to highlight some values that seem to be top priorities for us : humility, courage, abnegation, resilience, and the respect of Mother Nature.

Our Challenges

From free rides and permanent certificates, our challenges will push your mental and physical limits further.

They found their inspiration into the Ardennes, into Belgium, the cycling heritage, but also thanks to you that emit your aura from abroad.


We have a duty. The duty to keep the Heritage alive and enduring. The Heritage of our ancestors. The Heritage of our Champions.

Everywhere, in Belgium, but also throughout the Benelux, the echoes of fanaticism can still be heard in the depths of the valleys. On the hills and cobblestones of the classics, the blood is still visible, the cries still haunt the places.

We are inspired by the Ardennes, by Flanders, by Belgium, and its historic neighbors, who shape the cycling heritage that we know today, but also by all of you who radiate your aura beyond borders.